The Marriage of Figaro

Opera Australia’s production of The Marriage of Figaro is deeply flawed by two important things. The set is silly and Rachel Durkin as the countess, wobbled so far to each side of the notes it was unbearable. It sounded as if she was totally off key. She acted the role well, but should be dropped from the company unless she develops a diaphragm and stops that execrable wobble.
Teddy Tahu Rhodes, however, is absolutely the best Figaro I have ever seen. And Taryn Fiebig, as his wife to be, Susanna, is very good.
I dislike ‘trouser roles’ and surely it is time to make Cherubino a light tenor… a soprano young lover is too stupid. There are far too many high pitched sopranos already, although I have to admit Sian Pendry sings very well and is the most convincing ‘boy’ I’ve seen, having, presumably, left her ‘bottom’ at home. The count has no music in his voice, Kanen Breen gets through the role, but it is a production I never want to see again.


2 thoughts on “The Marriage of Figaro

  1. Rob

    I entirely agree with your comment about the role of Cherubino and other “trouser roles”. With so many sexy counter tenors around (e.g. Max Emanuel Cencic or Phillipe Jaroussky) there is no reason not to break with convention and put the trousers back on the guy!

    1. rigbyte Post author

      An excellent solution to the nonsense. It’s interesting that Cencic was such an acclaimed boy soprano, but I don’t think Jaroussky was. He is certainly a sexy performer now– that smile..


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