Five and a half thousand million too many.

It is over three years since an academic USA study proved that if everyone lived in a similar way to the U.S.A. middle-class, then planet Earth could only sustain one thousand five hundred million [1,500,000,000] people. At the moment there are seven thousand million [7,000,000,000] people on the planet and they are all being urged to attain the U.S.A. lifestyle of endless consumerism, throw-away goods, fast foods, several cars…

The International Monetary Fund is insisting all countries ‘grow’ their economies. Put simply that means make more, use more, buy more. But the world is running out of resources. We are running out of fresh water. Of energy, of space, of land to grow food, of fish in the oceans. One in three off all animals is in danger of extinction.

Instead of growing economies, why don’t we grow wise?  We know how to live sustainably, we don’t need all the rubbish we create. Humans are not happier than in the past. At least two thousand million are starving. Millions are in slavery…

OK, so there will be pain, but nothing compared to the crunch that will destroy us if we do nothing. Yet people continue to have kids… I’d feel too guilty.


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