Eco Woes

Eco woes.

On the radio an erudite professor is telling us that the Southern Ocean is warming at 0.2 degrees per annum. In other words, by a degree every five years. That’s a lot. Antarctic sea Ice is melting—that doesn’t matter much, but when it goes, the land ice melts and that matters. It raises sea levels. One metre rise and in Bangladesh alone fifteen million people are underwater.

The oceans are carbon sinks and as they warm they absorb more carbon di oxidethat turns into carbonic acid that dissolves the shells of the plankton and other crustacea on which lots of large sea animals depend. Mass starvation in the oceans = mass starvation on land.

The next item on the radio was a piece urging governments to Jack their ideas up and ‘grow’ their economies by mining more, increasing industrialisation and populations so interest rates can remain as they should be and we’ll all be richer.

Next item. Residents of country NSW and Victoria towns saying they’d prefer the rivers and estuaries, lakes and wetlands to die rather than cut back on their own water consumption, even if it means their land will be too salty to use in twenty years… They want to grow rice in a dessert so they should be able to! So there!

Makes you proud to be human eh?


4 thoughts on “Eco Woes

    1. rigbyte Post author

      Thanks, It’s difficult not to become hysterical about changes. Will rising sea levels invade Finland? I flew over it once and there seemed to be more lakes and marshes than solid land.

  1. Morgan Jauncey

    It is absolute horror! The demands we put on this Earth we inhabit. Something has to give. And if we don’t start changing our attitude and then start making cruical changes to our practices, then we are doomed!


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