Is it Fear of Nature or Stupidity?

Is it Fear of Nature or Stupidity?

A stream runs through my property and then into the neighbour’s few acres. I value all the natural plants and animals that have evolved here, and do my best to support them on the few acres I have by encouraging a forest of native plants. This is the stream as is passes through my place: [click on the photo to enlarge it.]

The photo next to it is the same stream as it leaves my property. All trees have been felled. All life except for mown grass is destroyed. All shelter and food for living creatures is removed and the banks of the stream are poisoned.

The man who did this is a schoolteacher. What hope for the planet is there when these sorts of people are teaching our children, spraying poisons and laying waste the planet? Why is his behaviour towards nature considered the respected norm, while people who wish to preserve nature are contemptuously considered insane?


3 thoughts on “Is it Fear of Nature or Stupidity?

  1. Morgan Jauncey

    Why would he do such a thing? Even if he was just being purely selfish, the stream looks much nicer in the first picture anyway. Now it simply looks like a ditch! He is probably the type of person who decorates his patio with plastic plants

    1. rigbyte Post author

      Simply because he’s a true blue Aussie… nature is the enemy, if you cant make money out of it, kill it. Actually, it’s the human way. It’s why 70% of the planet’s topsoil has disappeared over the last century… the topsoil that grows our food! It’s why forests are cut down to grow palm trees to be harvested for oil so we can drive our cars for longer and add a few more million tons of pollution to the atmosphere and… Yeah, I’m the oddball, not them. [You didn’t need to add ‘for’ on the end of your post].


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