Marriage Equality in Australia? Not b… Likely

Marriage for everyone—it’s never going to happen in Australia. This is the land of racism, bigotry and fear of the power of religion. Marriage was invented to ensure the right of inheritance—which is why it was only practised by the rich until religion reared it’s greedy head.

Marrying a rich woman transferred all her assets into the pockets of her husband. She lost her name, her independence, her everything. Ida Carolina Arisophides, had to become Mrs. John smith when she married him.

It’s odd that organised religion didn’t rant and rage against changes to the marriage act that stopped such abuse. Nor did they interfere when in Australia the marriage act was changed to allow whites to marry Aborigines, nor when the marriage act was changed from a lifelong obligation, to a temporary arrangement that will allow divorce after a short separation.

But to change the marriage act to allow two people who love each other to have their partnership recognised as valid by friends, relations and the state, and guarantee the safety and care of their children in case of future accidents? Never! That would destroy the foundations of civilization.

Who cares that young gays are ten times as likely to suicide as their heterosexual counterparts because of bullying and harassment from parents, teachers, religious leaders, classmates, strangers, bosses… who believe that because the government reckons gays are inferior they must join in the bashing. Making gays equal in law to everyone would go a long way towards stopping this carnage, but the followers of gentle Jesus and his compassionate godfather don’t care. They need someone to look down on. They need sinners to make them feel better about their pathetic selves and gays fill that bill very nicely thank you.


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