They’re going to Mars!

So, the U.S.A. Is off to Mars to see if there’s any life there.
The big question is, what’ll they do if they find any? I guess we’ll have to look at what humans have done on this planet that’s been teeming with life for millions of years to answer that. During the last couple of centuries, without any help from natural catastrophes, humans have managed to extinguish thousands and thousands of species, from the most minuscule life forms to the largest predators. In Australia alone in only two hundred years we’ve rendered extinct over a third of our mammalian species, hundreds of reptiles, birds and fishes and stuffed up every waterway, breeding ground and other habitat on which nature relies.
So I guess the answer to my question is, if humans find any vestige of life on Mars, they’ll snuff it out. Seems a bit of a waste of the billions of dollars that cash-strapped economy could surely put to better use, such as killing off at least half the remaining species on this planet. I guess we’ll just have to be patient and wait for that glorious time until we’ve ensured there’s no remaining life forms on the other planets.


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