Democracy and Party Politics

They reckon Democracy is the best form of government devised by humans, but that doesn’t make it good. Humans are far from perfect, and so it makes sense that their attempts to govern themselves reflect that. Of course no country has a true democracy, in which citizens decide on how the country is run. Instead, we elect representatives to argue our case for us. And that would be fine if they were independent and did truly represent their electorate. Unfortunately, all so-called democracies have been fatally undermined by political ‘Parties’. Instead of electing an individual who is answerable to the locals, we elect a faceless person whose loyalty is solely to the ‘party’. This might not be so bad if political parties desired to govern the country in the best interests of the land and people—but they don’t! The sole objective of all political parties is to gain office and remain there as long as possible. To do this they pander to the loudest voices, the most influential, the marginal voter…even when it is obvious that will lead to disaster.


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