Government Decisions

The use of coal is destroying the air, water and land through multilevel pollution. But coal makes lots of money for governments. The Spanish have a solar electricity generating system that can store power and provide all the base-load electricity we will need. The energy is free and the process non-polluting. But this will close down coal mines. The French have an inferior system that doesn’t provide base-load power. Therefore, our government lies to the public, saying solar cannot provide base-load power, therefore we have to continue using coal! Then in its stupidity deliberately chooses the French system [Not Australian, you notice, although Australian manufacturers are selling their equipment to the U.S.A. And China!]

It is difficult, possibly impossible, to unearth even one government decision that is the best choice. Always they choose an inferior method, design, system because they are not only stupid, but also corrupt, as in the case of buying out of date, useless fighter planes from the USA for twice the price of the best available from France.




One thought on “Government Decisions

  1. mattdolman

    Sounds like the Australians are stuck in the same rut the British are. Recently they decided to award a contract to a German train manufacturer, meaning that a British company was forced to lay off a significant amount of workers due to lack of work. No-win scenario, running a country.


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