Micturating on the dead

I imagine the U.S.A. can’t be too displeased with the current furore over their soldiers micturating on dead bodies; it must be a welcome distraction from the exposure of the somewhat more unpleasant fact that, according to ICH, they operate covert death squads assassinating ‘undesirables’ in 150 countries and have done for years. It’s nothing compared to the testing of armaments in Laos and leaving thousands of mines behind that destroy the lives and blow the limbs off hundreds, if not thousands of children and others every year. The destruction of Vietnamese forests. The destruction of Brazilian rainforests to grow soy to feed cattle to make hamburgers. Or the on going horror of depleted uranium in Iraq. Or the testing of herbicides on ignorant farmers, or the years of indescribable horrors of Angola. Or the tens of thousands dead and maimed, tortured and imprisoned by U.S.A. puppet dictators in South and Central America, Indonesia, the Middle East….

But then who am I to complain? Our Prime Minister has stated on more than one occasion that Australians share the same values, hopes, fears and desires as U.S.Americans.…

Why does that make me feel ashamed?


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