Catastrophe Theory

There’s a mathematical system called Catastrophe Theory that has proved to be applicable to many situations. The basic idea formulated in this particular model is that, under increasing stresses, eventually a point of no return is reached, and beyond this, irreversible change occurs.

Indications are that a point of no return has been reached in the case of changes in use and quality of the planet’s land, water and air. All the natural systems for air and water management, land  and biological stabilisation have been bypassed, and irreversible change is occurring. We are now entering the Humpty Dumpty phase—the stable, self-regenerating biological environment in which we humans developed—has been irrevocably damaged. It can’t be put back together again—ever.

This doesn’t mean the end of life, of course. It simply means the end of a life support system that can support humans and similar recently evolved creatures. Who know what creatures will evolve to live in the toxic wasteland we’ve created… perhaps they’ll find it as wonderful as humans used to find our period.


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