Taking Responsibility for Oneself

Taking responsibility.

If a young man is invited by a young woman to assist in a robbery and he accepts and they are caught, then he must accept responsibility for his part in the robbery.

If a young man walking at night calls out sexist abuse to a couple of women walking past and they thump him, pull off his trousers and leave him, then surely he is responsible for the result?

If a young, slightly inebriated woman walking at night alone wearing a short skirt and a top that exposes most of her breasts, accepts a lift with a stranger, then  is forced to have sex with him, surely she is responsible for getting herself into that situation?

A few decades ago that would have been the case, but today it seems females are not required to exercise any form of self-restraint, and nor are they in any way responsible for whatever happens to them—only males, apparently, are obliged to take responsibility—not only for themselves, but also for the mistakes of the women they are with.


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