Like most mammals, humans are social animals and, like them, we’re also individuals so we require strong leaders to keep groups protected and together.

Being able to think and reason using experience and concepts, most people realise that it is unlikely everyone will get fair treatment if the leader is a bully boy. And that has proved to be the case in most societies throughout history, in which a small elite live off the work of a large poor underclass who receive little remuneration and less justice.

In the beginning, small societies usually employed a system of democratic government in which the men, and sometimes women, sat around and discussed and argued until they reached consensus. Larger groups, however, rendered this too time consuming and consensus almost impossible to reach.

Representatives were then appointed to ensure the rights of specific groups, but powerful people soon become impatient and dissatisfied with consensus, which tends towards stasis and security, conservation and tradition. Consensus was then replaced by majority rule, in which 51% of the votes gave the ‘winners’ the right to ignore dissenting opinions.

Faced with this situation, it becomes apparent that the only form of government that is completely fair to everyone would be a ‘benevolent dictatorship.’

Equally obvious is the fact that no human has all the qualities or abilities to be a truly benevolent dictator. Such a person would have to exhibit superhuman strength, intellect, compassion and foresight—omnipotence. He would also need to know the details of every individual in his jurisdiction, and know what was happening to everyone everywhere at all times—omniscience. To do this he would have to be invisible, and as his death would be disastrous, he would have to live forever—be immortal.

A few thousand years ago the Jews invented a god exactly like that to protect them and guarantee their interests. A later break-away sect took this a step further by dividing the same god into three, and a few hundred years later another breakaway sect received new messages about laws and dogma relating to this same god. But the system is so successful these three sects of judaism are now followed by most of the people in the world.

Unfortunately, this supernatural benevolent dictator/god decided not to communicate directly with the individuals he loves and cares for, leaving daily communion and transmission of directives to mere mortals—priests, rabbis, imams… and, as we are too well aware, they are human and humans aren’t perfect and if an imperfect person is left in charge of a perfect system it won’t remain perfect for long.

So, we’re left with democracy or dictatorship—very imperfect systems indeed to govern vast, ever-growing populations on a tiny planet fast running out of everything essential to the survival of life.


4 thoughts on “Government

  1. theblackphilosophy

    Perhaps the God that the Jews invented, was merely dictatorship under a group of “Prophets” who could supposedly hear the voice of God. Then this dictatorship was -for the most part- discontinued, and replaced by the flawed system of “the majority rules!”. The only groups that make changes are deviant, deviants are a minority, therefore our society will soon -or has become- a rotting cesspool of moral/thought confusion; ruled by the religion of society (women are submissive, men are dominant).

    Just my two cents…:D

    1. rigbyte Post author

      “deviants are a minority, therefore our society will soon -or has become- a rotting cesspool of moral/thought confusion; ruled by the religion of society (women are submissive, men are dominant).”
      I tend to agree. The dominant religion of today’s society, It seems, is the absurd notion of limitless financial profit increase, with the other wishful-thinking, equally nonsensical religions yapping at the edges in an effort to reclaim their power bases by demanding we keep women subservient, queers damned and sex and nudity sinful.


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