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An Incident and Language Abuse

An American soldier gets up in the night, goes on a rampage and murders about a score of innocent men, women and children, then makes a pile of eleven and sets them alight before returning to bed and sleeping the rest of the night.
Is this a massacre?
Is it a mass killing?
Is it mass murder?
No, it’s an ‘incident’ that our prime minister, parroting the words of her hero Obama, regrets.

Remember we went to Iraq to bring them democracy, freedom and liberty? We still trumpet our success while they turn back the clock a few centuries and stone to death young men they suspect [they don’t know they only suspect] of having homosexual proclivities.
And in Afghanistan, when we aren’t massacring innocents, we’re supporting a return to sharia law, the persecution of women, the murder of same-sex-oriented people, the bombing of all religions different from mine, and corruption on a scale seldom seen today.

Doesn’t it make you proud to be on the side of justice, fairness, freedom and human rights?