An Appeal to the President of the USA… reblogged from ajtao2010.

Appeal to the President of USA – Barack Obama

December 15, 2012 by ajaytao2010

A time when there is a express need for serious introspection.

Appeal to the President of USA.

Today morning as I was watching CNN on my home television in Mumbai, India, I saw you paying a extremely emotional tribute to the innocent small school children & adults killed in the Newtown massacre Connecticut which was absolutely heartening for me. I have never seen a president so emotional. I loved your concern for humanity.

Sir I find you are a very good human being all through your career, but sir one question may I ask you or not? But still

Sir in the name of security or in the name of protection of US citizens you & your government have a number of times ordered huge attacks (military operations) on many countries like Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

Many small innocent children many oppressed citizens of the respective countries, who were not even a part of the oppressive governments of that respective countries, were ruthlessly killed on behalf of your direct or indirect orders. ( For example millions of Iraqis  were extremely opposed to Sadam but had to stay in Iraq oppressed by him)

Sir if crying for US citizens was directly from your heart, than what about the small & innocent children & Innocent citizens killed on behalf of your orders. did you ever cry for them even clandestinely covertly in your solitary moments. I am not complaining but just raising a query which should not in any way harm your respect, status or esteem as a president of the United States

Keep a hand on your heart and, absolutely as a normal human being, if my message reaches you, please be generous enough to reply to me on any possible media you choose to.

Thank you.




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