Problems Caused By Females Writing Gay Erotic Fiction

I recently discovered that vast numbers of gay-male erotic fiction available as eBooks, are written by females. On some eBook sites they are in the majority.

This isn’t obvious because most female authors use a first name that can be either male or female, Sam, Chris, Lee, Max, Jo, Jude, Billy, Des… And the others usually use only their initials.

A librarian told me that libraries are expected to have a quota of gay fiction, so to make up the numbers they order a job lot of cheap gay erotica. She wasn’t concerned that these titles, mostly written by women, had little or no social, literary or emotional value. In my opinion these sorts of books have no place in a public library, which should be offering titles that contain a story that’s about more than romance and sex. They should have at least some social and psychological truth that will be of assistance and informative to both young and older gays.

Most heterosexuals think that now homosexuality has been decriminalised,  gays no longer have any problems. This is wrong. In many ways problems have increased because with increased visibility has come increased harassment and persecution. In some respects it was easier to grow up in a 1950’s small town than it would be today, because if something isn’t talked about, it doesn’t exist for most people.

Does the preponderance of female-written porn/erotica  matter ?  Yes, because female authors are in no position to offer a balanced view of life for gays.  These women have had no personal experience of what it means to grow up as a gay male in a heterosexual world, and can never imagine the thousands of pressures, constraints, fears, and other subtle problems that affect a gay male. Their stories can never contain advice or support to either young or older gay men on how to live happily in the intellectually and socially hostile environments that are our homes, schools and cities.

It wouldn’t be so bad if these women advertised their gender and lack of personal experience on the blurb, instead of deliberately concealing this information. Their books should be clearly labelled “For females who are turned on by male on male sex”.

It also matters because these trite, stereotypical erotic fantasies present a false picture of what it means to be same-sex-oriented that not only shapes and perverts the ideas and opinions of heterosexual readers, but also influences the life choices of young gays who have a restricted choice of good reading matter relevant to them.

Heterosexual porn is rife everywhere, but there are billions of other books, films and TV programs that tell the truth about the diversity of life as a heterosexual. These billions of books, written by heterosexuals for heterosexuals, offer readers insight into what it means to be a heterosexual man or woman, and provide an enormous range of behaviour models. Virtually every book, film and TV program about living and loving, working and reacting, making social contacts and choosing a job, is aimed at heterosexuals. Gays have to search for anything useful in handling their problems, and even if they find something, they’re often too frightened to access it in case parents, friends, teachers… discover they’re…shock horror… ‘queer!’

Stories like “The Geography Club” by Brent Hartinger, in which the reality of the loneliness, fear and misery of being gay in schools everywhere, is so poignantly evoked, along with ways to combat this and survive happily, are the sorts of titles libraries should hold. And according reader feedback, my own novels are appreciated because they do not conform to the gay stereotype.

The vast majority of fiction available to heterosexuals of all ages is good, real, sensible and useful, only a tiny bit of it is fantasy porn. With gays it’s the opposite. They’re drowning in porn while suffering a famine of books, films and stories that support and teach gay youth and adults how to live, act and behave in the real world without denying themselves.

The effects of this deficiency doesn’t just affect gays. The misery is spread.

Despite decriminalisation, organised religions have ensured that little has changed in public perceptions and attitudes regarding same-sex-orientation, so most gays still remain securely in their closets, enduring unrelenting submersion in heterosexual culture, mores, beliefs and behaviours, with the result that most gay men deny their true natures, consider suicide, suppress their natural urges, and marry a woman, which then creates enormous problems for both husband and wife until, in their forties usually, the man gets the courage to finally live his life as his mind and body have always subconsciously desired. I’ve had too many letters from men in early middle age who have finally dared to be themselves, not to feel angry that both they and their wives have had to endure such misery for so long.

Half of all youth suicides are by gay boys, although they make up only 5-10% of the population. They need good literature, not some female’s homo-erotic fantasy.

My eBooks:- Rough Justice. Dome of Death. Sebastian. Jarek. Mortaumal. Fidel. NumbaCruncha. Time to Think, and Dancing Bare, are available at all online bookshops… Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo…

Rigby Taylor.




4 thoughts on “Problems Caused By Females Writing Gay Erotic Fiction

  1. Geoff.

    Thanks to the author. I whole-heatedly agree with every point made. (I wish I could expressed myself so eloquently).

  2. Rigby Post author

    Thank you Geoff. [if I haven’t already thanked you.] This is a bit late, isn’t it? I seldom have time to check my very occasional blogs.
    All the best,

  3. Emma Peterson

    Hello! I came across your blog via Smashwords, where I discovered your stories while browsing.

    This topic has been of great interest to me as a writer coming from a yaoi manga background (M/M stories created by mostly female artists for a mostly female audience). I would just like to point out that while I cannot speak for all females as to the reasons behind their interest in M/M literature, my own interest in reading it is a very simple one: M/M stories, more often than not, have plots that appeal to me more than F/F stories. No, I am not a gay man. I am a bisexual woman who is very much experienced with the issues that can arise over matters of sexual orientation (as bisexuality sometimes has its own set of unique problems and prejudices from both straights and gays). M/M stories were a great comfort to me during all the years I spent struggling with my identity, and I personally never gave much thought to the gender of the author. I was just happy to find stories about same sex attraction that I could identify with. (“Geography Club” happens to be one of my favorite LGBT YA books.)

    Women make up a large portion of the M/M genre, both in terms of writing and reading. (I’ve even read articles that state some gay adult sites report that their membership comprised of a large percentage of females.) Since I don’t see that changing anytime soon, it is my sincere hope that we all find a way to coexist peacefully within the genre.

    And now I’m off to download and enjoy some of your fiction. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Rigby Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Emma. I hope I made it clear that I’ve no problem with female authors per se, only those who pretend to be male and fill eBook lists and public libraries with formula gay male porno trash that confuse and exacerbate young men’s minds. Without Mary Reynolds’ beautiful novels my life would have been poorer.
      Thanks for reading my books. All the best,


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