Gods and Heroes

Gods and Heroes.

Contemporary Australian culture is purportedly secular, yet we have our gods, and they are elite sportsmen; especially Rugby League and Australian Football League players. They are astonishingly fit, powerful, perform amazing feats of athleticism, and are constantly in the public eye. What people don’t realise is that people like these are not ‘normal’ in the sense that a bank clerk is normal. You can’t have abnormal talents in one sphere without abnormal characters. And yet ‘the public’ expects these men to behave like nervous shop assistants when it comes to their relationships. They are hounded by young women desperate to have a piece of them, who follow them to their rooms, and flirt. But if she suddenly changes her mind, then the hyped up player is supposed to say, ‘OK dear, off you go.’ And when he doesn’t, he’s branded a monster.

Just as he who sups with the devil needs a long spoon, so females who flirt with the gods should not be surprised if they get burnt.

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