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Do I trust Politicians?

Do I trust politicians?


Before undergoing a surgical procedure, it is wise to check the credentials and success rate of the surgeon. Before letting a mechanic loose on your car it is wise to check they have the qualifications to repair it. But what qualifications do we demand from politicians? Only that they look reasonably attractive and can blow their own trumpets.

Why should I trust a politician to decide on gambling laws if he/she has not studied the problem and is unaware of the ramifications? Why should I trust a politician to decide on issues such as voluntary euthanasia, abortion, gay rights… if they are religious or are influenced by the power of the religious vote?

With the present system there’s no guarantee of common sense, rationality, logic or the ability to think. If there ever was a time for allowing amateur demagogues to rule countries, that time has long gone. The problems that afflict humanity and all life on earth today are far too dire and urgent to be left to nonprofessionals who will sell their principles [if they have any] in order to win the next election.

Political decisions should be made by elderly men and women who know what they’re talking about, have a proven record of clear thinking and wise action, and no vested interests whatever in their decisions apart from the desire to hand on to their descendants a pleasantly habitable and biologically self-sustaining planet.